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1 Apr

Karisma Kapoor, the gorgeous actress who entertained us with her moves, enviable figure and a beautiful face is married and a mother of two today. She still maintains her drop dead gorgeous looks. How? Well, that no more a celebrity secret.

Karisma is highly inspired by Victoria Beckham. This helped her lose post-pregnancy fat in no time.
Today, Karisma has maintained a fit body and enviable looks just as Victoria Beckham. She eats really healthy. Her favourite cuisines include Japanese food, lots of fish, and chicken. The actress also believes in including a lot of raw vegetables and fruits in her diet.

Karisma believes in maintaining a healthy diet regime and does not starve herself. Today, she keeps a very slim physique. She does this by eating right, exercising occasionally, and running around after her two children.

Karisma Kapoor Diet Chart


? 2 pieces of whole wheat toast with some vegetables


? Mango/fruit salad


? Grilled Sandwich


? Dhokla




? Soup


? Chicken breast (no skin, no sauces) and roasted veggies

Karisma believes in eating healthy. She brings variety in her food by introducing vegetable curry and brown rice or steamed fish and chicken in her regular diet chart. The actress also includes 2-3 egg whites in the day to ensure adequate protein intake.

Karisma Kapoor?s Exercise Regimen

Karisma Kapoor has always maintained a fit body. She used to swim a lot during her school days. Today, she maintains the same regime by swimming with her kids during their holidays.

Karisma also likes to practise yoga. She takes long walks the natural way. Karisma prefers to walk in the building and even take the stairs whenever possible.

The actress is not a fan of gyms. In fact, her gym routines are just to maintain a toned body. She has appointed a personal trainer who would help her workout at least 3-4 times in a week.

Today, the actress keeps her children in her priority. However, she believes that her own health and fitness is equally important and works hard for it. She makes it a point to take care of her health, hair, and skin.

Karisma Kapoor?s Fitness Mantra

Eat healthy, workout and live healthy!

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