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1 Jul

You?re intelligent. You?re ambitious. You make smart decisions with your money. You diversify and invest in opportunities that project a promising rate of return. After all, the job of your money is to work for you and the job of the experienced professionals of CityView Real Estate Services, LLC is to work with you in making sure your goals are met when it comes to your real estate investment and borrowing needs.

A trusted brokerage and property management company, CityView Real Estate Services, LLC provides real estate services to investors through buying, selling and strategic consulting. Located at 8135 Wornall in Kansas City, Missouri, this experienced firm of business professionals ? Travis Garrison, Jon Ray, Tom O?Donnell, Bart Umentum, Paul Higbie and Nick Virchow ? brings to the table over 45 years of real estate experience, including real estate lending, investment, property management and contracting. Not only are they well-versed in all things real estate, the five partners also provide expertise in addressing and resolving legal issues, finance, operations, sales and engineering.

Under the umbrella of CityView Real Estate Services, LLC are three companies, all of which meet specific needs of investors and together provide a one-stop shop of services that meet the requirements of those investors for their real estate investment potfolios. The local, respected and experienced business professionals who have joined forces to create this organization hold each other accountable for the delivery of these unique services, and consistently go above and beyond any and all expectations of their clients.

?CityView Real Estate Services, LLC was formed by investors to focus on investor requirements,? explained Garrison. ?We are business professionals who are in the real estate industry. We bring our business backgrounds to this arena providing specialized services for real estate investors and small business owners.?

Through this strong alliance, Garrison and his business partners know that in order for their clients to be successful in their investment enterprises, they require the combined strength of not only unparalleled expertise but transparent honesty, focus and knowledge.

?We only loan money on projects we understand and would not mind investing in ourselves,? noted Garrison. ?We are committed because, together, we have all invested our own money in support of this vision and what we believe we can bring to the real estate market place.?

Their commitment to remaining upfront with their investors can be seen in their actions and heard in their words.

?We tell the good, the bad and the ugly,? said Garrison. ?We believe in being completely transparent.?

Of course, investing in real property almost always calls for property maintenance services and/or remodeling and renovation work, all of which can be obtained from Jon Ray Remodeling/Brookside Maintenance Services, which is an arm owned by CityView Real Estate Services, LLC. Specializing in property renovation and rehab investor properties, rental or for sale, Jon Ray offers wholesale pricing for its investors, which is usually 30% less than retail.

?We offer cost effective maintenance and renovations,? expressed Garrison. ?Jon understands what work needs to be done to not only bring added value to the property but also to provide a return on the investment. ?

As for the quality of the workmanship, the results speak for themselves. Whether it?s a $50,000 project or a $500,000 project, the quality of the workmanship is consistent.

?We always go the extra mile and strive to do the right thing,? noted Garrison.

One of the biggest issues when it comes to investing in real estate is capital, and that is where Waldo Capital Management, LLC, the third arm of CityView, comes into play.

?As a private lender, we work with clients who?s need for capital cannot be met by a traditional lender and are in a position to provide a real estate asset as collateral,? explained Higbie.

Additionally, the team enjoys a strong banking relationship with Country Club Bank based on mutual respect.

?They believe in who we are, in our knowledge and in what we have done,? said Garrison. ?We always do what we say we will do.?

Garrison and his team realize your bottom line is a top priority, but they won?t focus on that without a wealth of integrity at the wheel.

?We don?t just lend money; we help our clients to become successful,? noted Higbie, suggesting that they don?t just talk the talk; they walk the walk. ?We put our money where our mouth is. Collectively, all five partners have invested over $200,000 into this firm, so we are right there with each and every one of our clients. Our target is to realize a 10%+ return for our investors and we have consistently achieved that end.?

The common denominator upon which these businessmen agree is to support their vision by remaining committed to the success of the investors.

?We want to be a partner with them, not just part of a business relationship. That is how we all succeed,? commented Garrison. ?We provide the services and commitment we would want as if each property was our own.?

For more information on Investment or Borrowing, go online at or call 816.709.1080. For more information on Brokerage/Property Management/Renovation and Maintenance Services call 816.523.0468.


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