Paul Yan wrote a new post, Microsoft looking into inappropriate Xbox 360 dashboard ads in light of creepy Evil Dead ad, on the site BeefJack

24 Jul

On Reddit, a parent complained that a creepy Evil Dead ad, which managed to scare his/her daughter, appeared on Xbox 360?s ?Home? screen despite the console?s family settings being turned on. In response to this, Xbox Live?s director of programming Larry ?Major Nelson? Hryb said that the ad team is now looking into it.

Evil Dead 2013 creepy girl

The Xbox 360 has family setting options that enable you to make your console a safer and friendlier environment for kids. Apparently though, it can?t protect your kids from disturbingly creepy-ass ads like the Evil Dead one shown in the image below ? and now Microsoft is looking into it.

Xbox 360 home screen Evil Dead

On Reddit?s Xbox 360 sub-forum, a user by the name of ?Skywolf111? uploaded the above screenshot and complained that despite having family settings turned on, the aforementioned Evil Dead ad appeared front and center on Xbox 360?s ?Home? screen, making his/her three-year-old daughter ?terrified? to turn on the Xbox 360.

The ad in question, as you can see above, is an offer to rent the Evil Dead horror movie remake on Xbox Live. The ad shows a wide-eyed, bloody demonic girl, and what makes it even more frightening is the fact that the girl?s smiling and staring right at the camera; in other words, at you.

In response to this, Xbox Live?s director of programming Larry ?Major Nelson? Hryb said that he?s ?asked the ad team to look into this. Sorry about your daughter being scared. That?s not cool at all.?

However, when another user said that there?s been other disturbing and gory horror movie ads that have appeared on Xbox 360?s home screen in the last month or so, Hryb responded by clarifying that there?s a difference between paid ads and promotional spots.

?I want to be sure we?re talking about the same thing,? he said. ?If the slot is an ?Advertisement? (paid placement) then it is labeled as such. All other spots are for marketing/merchandising other store content. I know it sounds like I am splitting hairs, but there is a big difference on who I escalate this to. From what I see here is in what we call a ?programmed slot? so I?ll send this to the programming team.?

However, when Skywolf111 said that there was also an Evil Dead trailer that was shown as an ?Advertisement,? Hryb replied, ?Thanks. I am escalating this.?

To prevent issues like this from happening again,?one person suggested that Microsoft should just use the safer alternative in the form of movie posters, but Hryb said ?Probably not. The dimensions of movie posters are very different from what is needed on the top level dashboard.?

I haven?t seen the Evil Dead remake, but the above shot of the demonic girl popping her head out of what appears to be a cellar door creeps me out even as a grown man.


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