Ashton Kutcher Chokes Up Talking About Steve Jobs On ‘The Tonight Show’ (VIDEO)

27 Jul

Ashton Kutcher proved his passion for the role of Steve Jobs in the upcoming biopic, “Jobs,” during his appearance on “The Tonight Show. He even seemed to choke up while talking about the role, and a big regret he had related to the man he was portraying on the screen.

Kutcher said that about six months before Jobs died, he had an opportunity to meet him. “I was working that day and couldn?t go, and in hindsight I look back and think, I had the opportunity to meet the Leonardo DaVinci of our generation, and I missed it,” Kutcher lamented.

He said that incident weighed on him, and affected his decision to take on the role. “I?ll never forget the moment I heard that he died,” Kutcher said. “I realized I?d taken him for granted, and taken for granted the contribution that he actually gave to society, and I actually had a real emotional moment.?

To take on the role of someone he admired so much, Kutcher said he studied Jobs’ walk, stare, diet and emotions. He even fired his own employees to emulate Jobs.

Fans can see his take when “Jobs” hits theaters on August 16. Some critics think the movie doesn’t dig deep enough, but most seem to agree that Kutcher does well in the role.

In keeping with the spirit of Steve Jobs and his visionary nature when it came to technology, “Jobs” became the first movie trailer ever to be on Instagram.

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